Walking Tour

‘City of the Dead’: A walking tour of Symonds Street Cemetery
Tuesday 3 December, 3-5pm – Pigeon Park

Martin Jones, Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga

Please meet at Pigeon Park, at the corner of K Road and Symonds Street opposite Grafton Bridge, just before 3pm.  Please gather next to the Greer Twiss sculpture (below).

This tour takes approximately two hours and will be restricted to a maximum of 20 people.  Please bring stout footwear and, in the event of rain, wet weather gear. 

Established in 1841, Symonds Street Cemetery is one of New Zealand’s oldest urban burial grounds.  Originally the resting place for more than 14,000 individuals, it has close connections with Auckland’s initial establishment and development as a colonial city.  The cemetery remains one of the best preserved nineteenth-century landscapes in Auckland’s CBD, and has been formally recognised by Heritage New Zealand as a Category 1 historic place.  Incorporating graves, monuments, buildings, trees and other features, it can provide insights into numerous issues of historical and archaeological concern.    

The tour touches on matters that include past attitudes to identity, health, commemoration, and consignment of the dead.  Evolving ideas about ‘heritage’ will also be explored.  Observations will be informed both by documentary evidence and physical information from within (and beyond) the site.  Combining these knowledge-sets can bring the past into sharper focus. 

You can register for the tour when you register for the conference.

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